frequently asked questions

Where do you build?

The majority of our builds are in and around the Christchurch, Waimakariri and Selwyn areas. We also build in locations throughout the South island including Queenstown Lakes, Wanaka, Mackenzie District, Kaikoura and Nelson. Although the majority of our builds are on new sections, we have recently completed several projects on land with existing houses or structures, which we have demolished then rebuilt on.

What are your square metre rates?

Given the complexity of a new home build and the many design and fittings choices in a project, we do not use square metre rates to estimate or quote projects. As there are many factors in determining the accuracy of the square metre rate such as room size, number of walls, corners of walls, pitches of ceilings etc. square metre rates will not accurately price a project. Instead of this system, we always fully price up a project before quoting to ensure if you go ahead with the build, there will be no hidden or extra charges through the build, unless you decide to up-spec fittings later on in the build process.

How long does it take you to build a house?

Normally it will take approximately 2.5 - 3 months of pre-project planning and council applications, and site set up before the Building Consent is issued and the construction work can begin. From this point, a home build will usually take around 4 - 6 months to complete depending on the complexity and design of the project. At the time of quoting the new build, we will supply an accurate completion date for your home before you sign the build contract.

What items can I customise in my home build?

As well as being able to choose the layout and look of the home, we like to give you flexibility in what fittings and finishings you would like in your new home. We can let you choose a little or a lot depending on what you desire. The items clients will commonly decide on is the kitchen design and colours, light fittings, flooring, interior and exterior paint colours, bathroom and laundry fittings as well as a landscaping design. Other items you can also choose include but are not limited to door patterns, door and window handles, tap ware, home theatre systems, beverage centres, security systems, window joinery colours, children’s bedroom design, built in storage ideas and wardrobe shelving design.

An often overlooked area of the home is the garage. As standard we fully insulate the garage and garage door as well as double glazing any windows and doors. Other things you may want to consider having in your garage is purpose built garage carpet, built in storage, custom work spaces, multiple garage bays or extra lighting.

Does building a custom home mean that it will cost more than a standard plan?

Not necessarily. Although we focus on quality, building a home that fits within your budget is also really important for us, as if you spend more than your budget, you will not be satisfied with our service once your home is built. If you only have a small budget to build, building a custom home allows you to have every item selected to meet your budget, rather than having to pay for pre-selected fixtures. We can certainly tailor a beautiful home design that will meet your family’s needs which you will love living in. Equally if you have a large budget for your build, we can include all the trimmings and luxurious fittings in your design to give you an incredible home to enjoy.<

How can I involve my family in the build process?

One of the things we enjoy most in our work is building creative spaces for families to occupy. A great way to involve your family in the process is by allowing your children to personalise their bedrooms or play room. We can give you options for personalising these spaces such as paint colours, toy storage, room dividers, flooring options, special lighting, wall stickers or their own personal outdoor area. Another way to involve the family is by bringing them with you to your pre arranged site visits (just let your Project Manager know first so they can check it is safe for them to visit too).

How will I know what products will be in my home before I sign a build contract?

Included in your quote will be an inclusions page detailing every fixture and fitting so you know exactly what you will and won’t have in your home. This gives you an opportunity to modify any fittings before we start to build, so that we can offer you a fixed build price that doesn’t need to increase as the build progresses.

What size homes can you build?

We can build any sized home providing the local council has approved a Building Consent for the project. Previously we have built homes from as little as 80 square metres right up to 250+ square metres over single or multiple storeys.