our 10 step build process

arrange a time to meet with us

The first step to living in your very own Blueview home is to contact a member of our team on 03 443 7322 or email us at adfoomin@blueview.co.nz.

Our local District Manger will then arrange a suitable time and place to meet you and your family to discuss what size, style, spec, budget and location you would like for your new home.


Before you begin to look at sections and home designs, it is a great idea to secure a loan limit from your bank.

Pre-approval of a loan amount will help you to know exactly what price bracket you can look for land in, as well as knowing how much you will have left to build a lovely home on it.

By this point you should have funds saved for your loan deposit. This part of the process can be confusing and paperwork heavy, so we would recommend using a Mortgage Broker who can assist you in this process. They can also help you to secure KiwiSaver funds, HomeStart Grants and take advantage of various ways to structure your loans, keeping your repayments to a minimum.

Locate Your Land

Already have your section sorted? Great! We can continue with creating Conceptual Drawings for you.

If you have not yet found your property on which to build your new home, our staff can help find all the suitable options currently, or soon to be on the market in your chosen area, allowing you to select the one that ticks all your boxes. Our staff will show you how these sites can accomodate your home, factoring in views, sunlight direction, prevailing winds and privacy.

Conceptual Drawings and Price

Immediately after the initial meeting (or selecting land), the Blueview staff will begin creating Conceptual Drawings and Pricing.

These drawings will include floor plans showing the size, layout and design of each room, the specifications for features and fittings, some preliminary options for landscaping and a fixed price for the whole build package. We work hard to ensure our pricing is very competitive while also offering the quality of the construction, fixtures and fittings that the Blueview brand has become synonymous for.

Standard in our home builds are a vast range of premium inclusions such as over-height doorways, extra high ceilings (2550mm from floor to ceiling), aluminium entry door, a custom/bespoke kitchen, snow strapped spouting, fully insulated garages including all walls, windows and doors, insulated garage doors with ultra quiet motors, extra framing fixings to ensure the home is built above code.

Amendments and Final Quote

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first hour sharpening the axe.” — Abraham Lincoln

Or in other words ‘planning and preparation are the keys to success.’ We really put in the extra work at this stage to start the build process on the front foot. Having provided you with conceptual drawings and pricing, we will now work with you to fine tune everything in the build, to give you the best home we can. Ensuring that the plans, detail and pricing are as accurate as possible, before we begin the build phase, is fundamental to building a home that you will love and enjoy. It’s at this time you will meet your Project Manager for your home build, who will supervise the project from now until the final hand over. This allows you the opportunity to meet the person who will manage your build, before you are required to sign the build contract.

Once both you and Blueview are completely satisfied with the pre-planning, we will draw up the necessary contracts and paperwork. It is at this point you will need to decide if you would like to add on a 10 Year Registered Master Builders Guarantee or not.

Now that all the required contracts have been signed, Blueview will prepare the plans and documentation to submit to the local council for Building Consent Approval. The time for consent approval varies between councils, so please check with us at the time as to how long this application may take.

The Construction Begins

With the Building Consent approved, work on site will shift up a gear.

You will see your concrete slab poured, your framing stood up and your roofing installed. But with all this work going on, it’s time for you to add your personality to the build through selecting the finishes that will be in your home. From paint colours to kitchen features, bench top materials to finalising bathroom fittings, our staff and suppliers will lead you through the decision making. For some clients, these decisions can be quite overwhelming, or hard to picture months before they will be installed in your home. Our staff are very experienced in selecting these options and are happy to undertake this process for you if you would prefer.

Keeping You Informed

For most people, their home is their largest asset and investment.

Blueview understand this, and through the construction project we keep our clients up to date with the progress being made on their new home. Fortnightly we will send out a Progress Update for your project, detailing what work has been completed over the past 2 weeks, and what you can expect to happen on site for the coming 2 weeks. If you would like to have a look through the home during construction, just contact your Project Manager, who will arrange a suitable time for your walk through, allowing you to ask any questions you have on site, and maintain your safety while on the construction site. Ideally we would schedule at least one walk through each month, in case you would like any changes to be made to your home as work progresses.

Finishing Up

The windows, doors and GIB Board are now in place and the build is drawing to a close.

Your landscaping will have just begun, starting with your driveway and paths, and progressing onto lawns, decking, plants and features. Now is a good opportunity to schedule connections such as power, telephone, internet and Sky TV. Your Project Manager will be able to assist you in these applications and help you schedule suitable dates for the connections to be made.

Final Sign Off

Your carpet is down, the bespoke kitchen is in and your customised lighting is now shining on both the interior and exterior.

A Council Building Inspector will now check over the home to ensure everything is built to code and pass the final inspection. Some insurance companies such as AMI Insurance will provide cover for your new home at this point, allowing you to move in prior to the Code Compliance Certificate being processed and issued. You will need to check how your insurance company determines the beginning of insurance cover before finalising your move in date.

Your Project Manager will also contact you to schedule the final Walk Through before the house is officially signed off. This gives you a chance to inspect our workmanship before you move in, giving us an opportunity to remedy anything you see is out of place.

Move in and Enjoy

You are now the proud owner of a Blueview Home, tailor made to you and your family’s lifestyle.

Contact a member of our team on 03 443 7322 or email us at adfoomin@blueview.co.nz, or see more contact details here.